Refrigeration and perishable cargo

Cargo exposed to growth of micro-organisms, oxidation or fermentation need carefully chosen protection to ensure the cargo is transported and preserved in good and healthy condition.
On the other hand, food and drinks onboard need to be kept in optimal conditions whether you are sailing on a yacht or you are working on an oil rig. High quality refrigeration has to protect food from decay and bacteria.


A refrigeration system removes heat from a particular volume. We are able to design the best suitable systems that meets your requirements in terms of protecting special cargo. Moreover, our aim is to let customers choose between the best products available when it comes to efficient equipment.


From cold or freeze stores to compressor unit equipment or special cargo stores we mount every type of systems chosen by our customers according to latest regulation on the market, especially when it comes to refrigerants.
We supplied and mounted:

  • Provision cooling for crew
  • Waste / garbage cooling
  • Custom-built refrigerating rooms
  • Cooling plants
  • Seawater-cooled condensing units
  • Freshwater cooled condensing