Purpose of ventilation

Maintaining the adequate air conditions onboard is due to ventilation systems. Recirculating or supplying fresh air means that the volume of air on board is constantly changed and filtered.
Performance of various equipment on board like engines, turbines, heat exchangers is assured by the ventilation system. Moving the air and keeping the humidity within the necessary limits is essential for efficient working of equipment; moreover, circulating the air is a protection from potential hazards like heat, fire and explosions.


Our company delivers the best engineered systems designed to work in extreme environment conditions, that are able to assure constant flow of air from various compartments.
In order to meet every owner requirements we dedicate to find the right customizable systems supplied for yachts and other various vessels.


Our team is specialized in mounting different types of ventilation systems like:

  • Air handling units
  • Engine room ventilation
  • Water separators/mist eliminators
  • Cargo hold ventilation
  • Spin-filters
  • Goosenecks
  • Cabin units
  • Axial/centrifugal fans
  • Vehicle deck ventilation
  • Hangar ventilation
  • Galley ventilation
  • Hospital ventilation
  • Ventilation of ammunition spaces
  • Over-pressure ventilation
  • Exhaust systems for sanitary spaces