Extreme climates

Heating systems and equipment are very important when it comes to sailing or working in extreme conditions. They have to maintain the onboard temperatures and humidity at comfortable level in order to deliver the comfy and relaxing feeling or good interior environment for equipment onboard.


Through constant dialogue with our customers, our company is able to deliver the best systems that ensure the owner specifications. Whether it is about yachts or other kinds of navy vessels we are here to advise our clients what are the best systems in terms of reliability, working conditions and energy efficiency.


We can supply the right materials and equipment for our customers as well as mounting them assuring the highest standards and quality.
The following are examples of our most supplied and mounted equipments:

  • Central heating systems
  • Air-conditioning system, single duct / duo duct / VAV reheat
  • Radiators / fan heaters / duct heaters
  • Fan coil units
  • Air handling units
  • Zone heating systems
  • Water heaters
  • Water to air heaters
  • Electric heating systems
  • Boilers
  • Radiators
  • Heat exchangers