Deck units provide an energy efficient solution for independent or centralized air conditioning.

Our supplied products meet the best the marine industry expectations:

  • Applied R404A/R407C with O.D.P. zero

The developed products adopt refrigerant with 0 ozone depletion potential. Furthermore, adoption of the closed type package structure, enables to reduce the refrigerant volume more than the conventional units and to recover the refrigerant during the maintenance service.

  • Hermetic scroll compressor with almost zero operating vibration

Problems at installing these units, even in accommodation will not occur because of the silent  operation noise.

  • High static pressure fan for easy use of long duct

It enables more flexible design as it minimizes restrictions to the number and shape of the air outlet.

  • Economical maintenance on board by installation of multiple compressors

Even if one compressors results in a trouble, the continuous operation becomes available by the rest of the compressors. This prevents complete stop during navigation.