industrial heating and cooling


Maximizing employee work efficiency and customer satisfaction starts with a proper pic_05_officesoffice environment where employees and customers can comfortably interact. We deliver customized office solutions, with a variety of options  in order to suit any office need including ventilation, and each zone can be individually controlled for optimum energy savings and comfort. System settings also ensure that energy is not wasted heating or cooling unoccupied rooms.


pic_11_restaurantsIn the restaurant business, food feeds the stomach and ambiance feeds the soul. We strive to ensure the proper ambiance of restaurants; this is why we offer a wide selection of models meant to save space and to harmonize with all restaurant interiors. This enables diners to soak up the ambiance of their surroundings and enjoy their food in comfort.


pic_08_healthcareEnsuring clean air environments is only one of the prerequisites healthcare facilities have for air conditioning equipment. Hospitals and clinics require strict attention to ventilation, humidity control, and airflow distribution along with quiet operation, dependability, and low running costs. We offer products that meets these challenges in order to preserve healthy environments for both hospital staff and patients.

Apartment and collective housing

pic_12_apartmentIndividual control of housing units enables residents to pay only their own heating and cooling costs without supporting the wasteful practices of their neighbours. We are able to offer a variety of air conditioning equipment to provide the optimum solution.

Data centers

pic_23_data_centersThe enormous amount of heat generated in operating company IT servers can also be the greatest risk to data. Air conditioning systems have not only to meet the demand for 24-hour, year-round protection of these IT servers but also deliver energy savings to reduce running costs.


pic_21_warehousingIneffective control of temperature and humidity can adversely affect the quality and safety of goods being stored at warehouses. Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment play an essential role in maintaining the proper storage environment for products before shipment.  We strive to offer air conditioning equipment and systems with significant energy savings and reliable operation.


pic_10_hotelsGuest comfort is the hallmark of excellent hotels. We deliver this comfort with a ‘total solution’ that integrates heating, cooling, and ventilation for quiet, draft-free operation and comfortable rest. Flexible installation layouts enable hotels to provide air comfort and low running costs without sacrificing style.

Commercial centers

pic_04_shopsWith their fiercest competitors often located nearby, retail shops strive toward providing their customers with the ultimate shopping experience. That experience begins with a comfortable environment. We provide air conditioning solutions for store owners to reduce costs without sacrificing customer or employee comfort.


pic_22_manufacturingNot only air conditioning, but process cooling can also be a major area of energy consumption in manufacturing. So an integrated approach to process cooling, refrigeration, and air handling can deliver huge energy savings to manufacturing operations.