Our philosophy


Our aim is to bring to people the latest technology, the smartest solutions and to implement the best system tailored for each individual needs. We are sure that we can make use of the latest products on the market in order to create better systems that have the purpose to cut the energy losses. In the end it is all about money, and we have to explain the advantages of making a future investment, that will be amortized in medium term like 10 years.


We believe in constant dialogue and feedback. We train the best employees in order to acquire the deliver high quality services.

This company was founded in The Netherlands and through constant improving of its services, it reached romanian market having an experienced way of managing its activities. The company started by offering HVAC services for the dutch civil sector. Soon, it started a trustable partnership with Daikin, that lead to improving products and services from both sides. After few years, the company reached the maritime sector, having as a partner one of the biggest company specialized in HVAC system for this industry, Johnson Controls.

In the end, PE Group changed its name, started a new branch in Romania and established new partnerships in order to create an easy way of offering efficient solutions and in the same time delivering the knowledge of cutting energy losses, thus increasing profits.