What is a Passive House?

A building standard that is truly energy efficient,comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time.
Passive House is not a brand name, but a construction concept that can be applied by anyone and that has stood the test of practice.

The Passive House has got it all


The Passive House Standard offers a new level of quality pairing a maximum level of comfort both during cold and warm months with reasonable construction costs.


Passive Houses are praised for their efficiency due to their high level of insulation and their airtight design. Another important principle is “thermal bridge free design“: the insulation is applied without any “weak spots” around the whole building so as to eliminate cold corners as well as excessive heat losses. This method is another essential principle assuring a high level of quality and comfort in Passive Houses while preventing damages due to moisture build up.

Ecology / Sustainability

Passive Houses are eco-friendly by definition: They use extremely little primary energy, leaving sufficient energy resources for all future generations without causing any environmental damage.


Are Passive Houses a good investment? They  not only save money over the long term, but are surprisingly affordable to begin with. The investment in higher quality building components required by the Passive House standard is mitigated by the elimination of expensive heating and cooling systems. Additional financial support increasingly available in many countries makes building a Passive House all the more feasible.

Measurements carried out in Passive House showed average savings of approximately 90%. In other words, the Passive House is a “factor 10 house” which only uses one tenth of the energy used by average houses.

What does it take?

One of the most important characteristics of Passive House is that is airtight. It takes appropriate windows with good insulation and a building shell consisting of good insulated exterior walls, roof and floor  keep the heat during winter in the house – and keep it out during summer.

The ventilation system constantly supplies fresh air making for superior air quality without causing any unpleasant draughts.  A highly efficient heat recovery unit allows for the heat contained in the exhaust air to be re-used.

Heating and cooling of the house has to be done with systems that are able to use as much as possible free energy, like wind and sun radiation and as less as possible paid energy.

Our company is able to deliver systems that are able to provide the comfort of a Passive House within the limits of energy consumption.