bms application

Building Management Control

Our solutions for building automation are specially tailored for being used in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and schools, but also in industrial environments and data centres. Our aim is to reduce the  ‘total costs of ownership’, by improving the sustainability and efficiency throughout the lifecycle of a building, offering solutions for energy management.

Innovative software
We use the latest software platforms existing on the market for intelligent  building management. From an integrated environment, buildings are efficiently maintained and managed. We advise the customer on what are the most suitable products on the market for his applications, always looking for freely configurable control modules.

For instance, using modules for heating, cooling and ventilation, all of them gathered into one piece standardised control unit, gives us the possibility of programming the system to work according to different parameters suitable for the best way of making the building more efficient. In the end, we will make sure the our clients are feeling comfortable with the graphical user interface of the system.


  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air handling
  • Cooling


  • Graphical interface
  • Integration
  • Trending & Logging
  • Calendar / Shedule
  • Alarming


  • Climate
  • Light
  • Sun blinds


  • Energy monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Optimization