Wide Temperature Range

We aim to offer precise temperature environments from -35℃ to 30℃ depending on stored item, application, and scale of operation.

Energy and Cost Savings

Highly efficient operation using advanced inverter and heat pump technologies enables substantial energy and cost savings.

Comprehensive Support System

Medium and low temperature refrigeration facilities require full support service to operate under harsh conditions.


In refrigeration control, environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, and operating method widely differ depending on stored items.


Low Temperature

Food products, fresh meats and produce, and stored items require strict environmental conditions for storage. We offer a variety of models with a wide range of temperatures from -35℃ to 20℃ to provide the exact low temperature environment appropriate for each stored item, application, and scale of operation.


Medium Temperature

Having the simplicity of general-use air conditioners, medium temperature air conditioners deliver cool temperatures of 10℃ to 25℃. Beginning with food processing where a properly controlled environment is essential to product freshness, applications include year-round cooling of IT rooms, constant temperature of precision equipment rooms and laboratories, and optimum temperatures of greenhouses.